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"Over the years I’ve been able to see, hear, talk and workout with many different people. I actually watched Trevor for years, when I would come back from the baseball season. I would not say anything, just watch him work. He was training kids as young as 7 years old all the way up to professional athletes and people who want to stay in shape or lose a few pounds. After sitting down with Trevor “TA”,  I knew he was the guy for me and my family. We have so many things in common, hard work, resiliency, and motivation. We also share stories to help people understand and manage their expectations and goals. I highly recommend, if your in the Orlando area, or not, you can check out Mr. '2 Claps' himself at 'Better Every Day'."

Ken Griffey, Jr., MLB Baseball Player, National Baseball Hall of Famer, 630 Career Home Runs, 13x All-Star, AL MVP, 10x Gold Glove Award, 7x Silver Slugger Award


"Trevor is just a remarkable human being. He has integrity, he is a man of faith, he is intelligent , and really has a great sense and understanding of how the body works, and how the body best responds to training. I know I’ve learned a great deal from him, whether it’s understanding functional strength movement patterns, and how to train specifically for your sport, your needs, and your concerns. Having been an athlete for almost 20 years in the NBA, Trevor is is one of the best that I’ve ever been around. So not only does he understand the body, and understand how to motivate, inspire, teach, and train, he also is a man who has tremendous character and integrity."

Grant Hill, NBA Basketball Hall of Famer, 7 x NBA All-Star, 2x NCAA Champion at Duke University

"Trevor Anderson is an accomplished trainer, a world-class strength & conditioning coach and a successful business leader.  His experience across the full range of athletic performance is deep; spanning several decades as a player, trainer and coach.  TA is knowledgeable and authentic and taps into those qualities expertly to motivate his clients to achieve their best. Trevor’s practice spans many sports and training domains but his deep experience in golf performance truly sets him apart in an industry full of good trainers. And even beyond all of that, TA is a special human being who cares deeply about his clients, his team members and his family.  I’ve known Trevor for more than a decade as an industry colleague; as a TRX Master Instructor; and as a friend—and I could not possibly regard him more highly than I do.  For anyone seeking to elevate their performance, their blood pressure and their spirit—all at once—Trevor Anderson is your man!"

randy hetrick.jpg

Randy Hetrick, Former Navy Seal Commander, Fitness Industry Leader, and Owner and Creator of TRX Suspension Training


"TA and BETTER EVERY DAY have always been a big part of my plan to reach my goal to win another World Championship title in Long Drive. His communication skills and enthusiasm help me on a daily basis to compete and to be the very best in my sport. His knowledge of the body mechanics and exercises is far beyond most head fitness professionals. I have seen improvements in a number of areas including; flexibility, mobility, stability, and most of all strength. These components all wrapped into one have helped me increase speed and hit the golf ball more efficiently by using the correct body sequence. Most of all, the way he explains and puts me through my workouts make it very competitive and exciting, which is what I love most. It helps me wake up every morning with the motivation to get better every day. I feel very blessed to have developed such a great relationship with a great person and fitness instructor." 

Tm Burke, 2-time (2013/2015) World Long Drive Champion

“I have known Trevor Anderson (T.A.) for a number of years, since the time when he was involved in training young golfers, and teams and individuals from other sports, at the Leadbetter Academy at IMG in Bradenton, Florida. Through my years in golf, I have met many trainers/performance coaches and to my mind, T.A. is one of the very best. Not only does he have great knowledge of the subject, but he also is a great motivator and makes the art of training fun and rewarding. T.A. is highly involved in training trainers, and it is wonderful to see that his knowledge base is being spread far and wide in a lot of different sports. T.A. is the epitome of the modern-day trainer and educator who is continually learning to provide the very best information for his athletes."

"I really enjoyed working with T.A. During our sessions, I learned which muscles are key in supporting my golf swing. I feel like I improved from day one and I really look forward to performing better every day!"

Lydia Ko, former World #1 Ranked female golfer, 2014 LPGA Rolex Rookie of the Year, 2015 Player of the Year, Youngest golfer everto achieve #1, win a major, 10 professional victories, and to earn over $1,000,000


"I have known Trevor Anderson for 10+ years and he is one of the best coaches and trainers in the entire fitness industry, bar none. When you talk about PASSION, PURPOSE, and IMPACT, Trevor Anderson epitomizes these 3 words. It doesn’t matter if he’s working with young kids, pro athletes, or fitness enthusiasts/weekend warriors, “TA” just knows how to get people better. He is one of the finest coaches and human-beings in the entire fitness and coaching world and it’s truly an honor to call him a friend."

Todd Durkin, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Owner of Fitness Quest 10, Fitness Industry Expert

"I don’t where to start when it comes to TA. He’s one incredible individual, who has helped me find something within myself that I didn’t know was inside me still. He helped me with that next necessary step in such a short time. I definitely look forward to continue working with him. More than just a trainer, he’s a great friend. I greatly appreciate him more than he knows."

SANU 6.jpg

Mohamed Sanu, NFL Wide Receiver,

David Leadbetter, World Famous Golf Instructor, Creator of The Leadbetter Golf Academies, Author of numerous books, including the National Best Seller, "The A-Swing"

“Working with TA throughout the years I've found that he's a master at finding my weaknesses and helping me improve on those weaknesses, and in some cases turning those weaknesses into strengths.”

Fabian Washington, 2005 NFL First Round Pick, 4.29 40-yd dash

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