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Packages and Pricing

Whether you choose to participate in daily classes with other members, or want a more personalized individual or small group option, we have multiple ways to become a Member at BETTER EVERY DAY. We will customize your ideal fitness and wellness experience to fit you best. 

Come and join our daily, multi-modality driven fitness classes focusing on movement, athleticism, and power, for all levels! These classes include:

trx  med balls  kettle bells  agility  battle ropes  sleds  bands  plyo boxes  jump ropes  boxing  and more! 


BETTER EVERY DAY® offers a unique variety of over 20 exciting and challenging fitness classes each week! Our classes include:
 TRX Suspension Training and Rip Training
 Functional Athleticism
 GOLFleticism® Golf Performance
 Interval Training Boot Camp 
 And much more!

Come and join us TODAY, and bring a friend! 


*$99/month for gym access (no classes)

$149/month for unlimited gym access (including classes)

$199/month for family membership (up to 4 family members!)


click below to become a member today!

individual training sessions starting at $75/session

including assessment and individualized programs

Our Team is committed to EXCELLENCE. We are here to be the vehicle to help all clients and members achieve their biggest goals, by meeting you where you are, and helping you get to where you want to go. Whether your goal is to improve your golf game, increase athleticism, or to simply become the most fit version of yourself, each performance lesson is met with professionalism, enthusiasm, and energy, with the main objective of getting BETTER EVERY DAY!

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