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Junior Performance


Our commitment to the development of young athletes is near and dear to the heart of Better Every Day®. All children are athletes, and our "Long Term Athletic Development" program is geared towards developing the PHYSICAL LITERACY necessary to build the athletic skill and confidence to compete in sports, school, and life at the highest level. This program honors each child's BIOLOGICAL age rather than just their CHRONOLOGICAL age, and takes advantage of each participant's unique WINDOWS OF TRAINABILITY to maximize their youth development.  


Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is:


“The ability to demonstrate effective movement competency and foundational skill with a wide variety of motor patterns, in multiple directions and planes of motion, in a coordinated, confident, and purposeful manner.” 
Athleticism starts early on in childhood.  PLAY is the greatest movement teacher!  A game of tag, climbing trees, playing catch, and kicking a ball can all help to develop critical movement skills that not only develop athleticism in young people, but stimulate important brain functions that are developed through movement. This movement competency is referred to as “Physical Literacy”.  
There are 9 fundamental movements that Better Every Day® recognizes as extremely important for all young athletes to master to improve Physical Literacy, and to maximize their opportunity to be successful in movement based endeavors. Simply PLAYING often, and participating in multiple activities may help develop most of these skills, but for some young athletes, more focused time may have to be spent on some of these.  

Physical Literacy is critical to prepare young athletes to safely participate in movement based activities.

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