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Speed and Power


Total Athletic Performance Enhancement















Better Every Day® has over twenty years of experience of training with many of the best athletes and trainers in the world, from all areas of athletics, to achieve the highest level of performance. Coach TA and the Better Every Day® team have trained and worked with U.S. Olympic Champions, NFL All-Pros and First Round Picks, Heisman Trophy Winners, MLB All-Stars, NBA All-Stars, and Top World-Ranked Golfers and Tennis Players, to improve fitness, speed and performance. We specialize in:


                                    •   Speed and Movement Enhancement

                                    •   Explosive Power Generation

                                    •   Energy Systems Development

                                    •   Metabolic Conditioning

                                    •   Force Production Development

                                    •   Anaerobic Power Endurance

                                    •   Mental Competition Conditioning

                                    •   Explosive Acceleration

                                  •   Maximum Velocity Speed

                                  •   Multi-Directional Quickness

                                  •   Deceleration Effficiency

                                  •   Agility and Change of Direction




Our scientific and methodical approach to performance includes maximizing functional movement, enhancing neuromuscular activation, and improving overall athletic balance and performance. Athletes of all ages have trusted Better Every Day®to help them reach their performance goals.


BETTER EVERY DAY has helped to create faster and more explosive athletes, teaching the specific techniques to improve speed, performance, and combine assessments such as:





•  5-10-5 PRO AGILITY 



•  L-CONE 

•  60-YARD RUN








Whether you are a professional athlete or not, you can train like one.  Come and experience the programs and techniques that help some of the best athletes in the world get BETTER EVERY DAY.




TA, working alongside legendary speed and performance coach Loren Seagrave (@LorenSeagrave)

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