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Led by Trevor Anderson, CSCS, named one of the "Top 50 Golf-Fitness Instructors" in America by Golf Digest, and a regular contributor in Golfweek Magazine, GOLFleticism® is the Better Every Day® method that enhances GOLF Performance through improving MOVEMENT and ATHLETICISM.












Our DNA has been developed through a multi-sport foundation,a multi-modality mentality, and teaches and trains golfers to develop SPEED, POWER, and COORDINATION, to safely enhance swing efficiency. Created by Trevor Anderson, World-Renown Golf Performance Expert, GOLFleticism® and its principles of golf performance have been featured regularly on the Golf Channel's "Morning Drive", Golfweek Magazine, and in Golf Digest.

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Trevor Anderson Joins Damon Hack, Sir Nick Faldo, and Dr. Ara Suppiah in a two part round table discussion about Fitness and golf, "then and now".

Our comprehensive and educational screening process immediately identifies the most important movement challenges, and then incorporates a series of corrective exercises to immediately help remedy each and every challenge.

Using the GOLFleticism® MAP (Movement-Athleticism-Power), we help to enhance the performance of golfers of all ages, all types, and all levels. We also regularly work with many of the best golfers in the world, including Major Winners, Top Ten World Ranked players, and World Long Drive Champions.

Golf Performance is an area where Better Every Day® has grown to achieve a high level of success. Led by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Master Trainer, Trevor Anderson, Better Every Day® utilizes a scientific approach to guide the enhancement of:

> Golf Biomechanics

> Swing Efficiency

> Overall Athletic Movement


why GOLFleticism®?

The GOLFleticism® Training methodology has helped golfers compete ATHLETICALLY in the very challenging field of professional golf, as well as college and elite junior golf, where being at the top level of performance at all times is critical. Better Every Day® helps golfers enhance performance by implementing a physical training program that is:


> Informative 

> Educational 

> Interactive 


Our attention to mobility, stability, and neuromuscular activation, along with advanced rehabilitation techniques are proven to result in a safer, and more efficient golf swing. This efficiency then leads to greater power, improved control, and lower scores – making Better Every Day® one of the most sought after golf performance programs in the world.


Better Every Day® understands the importance and value of Golf Performance and physical conditioning to enhance the golf game. As a Golf Performance expert and consultant, Trevor Anderson has been trusted by some of the world's top golf instructors, including David Leadbetter,  to train with many of the best golfers in the world, including players on the PGA, LPGA, Korn ferry,  Symetra, European, let, and other worldwide professional golf tours. He is trusted for his knowledge of how to enhance performance through the specific demands of the golf swing, based on proper movement biomechanics. 


golf Performance education

The GOLFleticism® Golf Performance program is designed to educate fitness and performance trainers on the knowledge that is necessary to effectively implement a Golf Specific training and assessment program.  These protocols are based on fundamental teachings and instructional methods that great coaches, like David Leadbetter, have proven to be successful for over 30 years.  GOLFleticism® believes that a holistic approach to golf,  including fitness and performance, nutrition, and mental conditioning are all necessary elements of success.  By focusing on the BODY FIRST, the golfer has an opportunity to truly maximize their individual potential.  


TA coaching some golf performance exercises during theshooting the Golf Channel Academy Performance Series with blair o'neal
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